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    PROGRAM STRUCTURE   .   DEVELOPMENT PLAN  .  NFA U8  .  BOYS U11  .  BOYS U12  .  BOYS U14  .  GIRLS U14  .  BOYS U17 .  GOALIE TRAINING Program Structure NewStars Futbol Academy is designed to track each individual [...]
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    PROGRAM OVERVIEW  .  PROGRAM DETAILS  .  PRIVATE TRAINING   Program Overview Newstars Futbol Academy ( NFA) has developed a long-term [...]
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    NFA Open Tryouts Schedule 2020

    Upcoming Academy Teams Open Tryouts Tryouts are FREE Please RSVP Attendance: Contact David Pilgrim – 416-843-7794 Email: davidp@newstarsfutbol.com   Location: United Soccer [...]

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NFA  COVID-19 UPDATE  The latest Covid-19 information from Ontario Soccer, as well as resources to better inform our members. Please Click:  COVID-19 Updates  Open Tryouts  Tryouts are FREE.   Click Here Contact: David Pilgrim – 416-843-7794 Email: davidp@newstarsfutbol.com

Player Development Program  Boys/Girls born 2014 to 2011 Development Academy Soccer Program Technical Director / Head Coach: David Pilgrim  

NewStars Futbol Academy (NFA) focusses on developing excellence by training skilled, focussed, and self-confident team players, who are passionate to gain tactical and technical skills required to become high- performance athletes.

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