NFA Goalkeeper Program is about developing the technical skills of goalkeeping while helping players gain a tactical understanding of when and how to use them.

Goalkeeping requires physical technical proficiency in footwork, ball handling (catching), shot stopping, diving, dealing with flighted balls, distribution, including ball skills necessary to deal with back passes.

Our Goalkeeping Staff is committed to training the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects that are needed to succeed in this position.

One of the most valuable players in the game of soccer is the goalkeeper.  Goalkeepers are in a unique position to see things on the field that other players may miss regarding how the opposing team plays. This insight can be invaluable information to win games.

NFA Goalkeeper training will enhance the observation skills of students and give each one the ultimate techniques to become a great goalkeeper.

NFA Training Sessions will provide motivated keepers the opportunity to develop a strong technical foundation in a fun, positive and inspirational learning environment where they are encouraged to discover a love for the goalkeeper position and overall game of soccer.

NFA is now offering a goalkeeper-specific curriculum, are able to focus on the position-specific aspects of their game:

Technical Training

  • Footwork & Handling
  • Distribution (hands and feet) & Starting position
  • Diving
  • Shot stopping & Reactions
  • Dealing with crosses & High Balls

Tactical Training

  • Decision making
  • 3-dimensional angle play
  • Playing on and off of the line
  • Setting a wall and defending free kicks


  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Communication
  • Confidence

Physical Training

  • Development of hand-eye coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Power

All players receive a comprehensive end-of-season evaluation specific to the goalkeeper learning outcomes.

Head Goalkeeper Coach

Adrian Becic

M.A Kinesiology, CPTN-CPT

Adrian is a Master of Kinesiology and CPTN certified personal trainer specializing in soccer training and working with both elite athletes and post-injury clients.

Adrian started his desire of playing sports very early and changed 3 sports (soccer, basketball, and swimming) until he finally settled at his first love soccer. At his early stages of playing soccer, he showed big potential in the goalkeeper position. He had his first professional debut for a first team when he was 16 years old being the youngest goalkeeper in the league. He knew that a soccer career wasn’t forever and being a good student in high school he continued his education in Kinesiology. He still continued to play semi-pro in Croatia during his study. He finished his Master degree in 2015 with success and awarded an award from the University board for achieving great grades. During his university time and playing professional soccer he showed a desire to do strength and conditioning classes at a private gym with professional athletes. During that time he mastered his knowledge of working with injured athletes and used his knowledge during his university in real life situations. He decided to move to Canada in 2016 and continued to play soccer in the Canadian Soccer League and furthered his experience training in the fitness world with non-athletes. Adrian beside his in-home training job works and plays for the Canadian Arena Soccer National Team as their strength and conditioning coach and also for FC Mapola as head goalkeeper coach and fitness coach.