This Code of Conduct identifies the standard of behavior that is expected of all coaches, players and parents/guardians. At all times, everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our values of mutual respect, integrity and fairness. Behaviour which constitutes harassment or abuse will not be tolerated; in particular comments or behavior that is disrespectful offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. NFA has the rights to cancel enrolment at any time if any of the above mentioned behaviors continue. Any concerns should be directed to the coach. All policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Canada Soccer Associations must be followed at all times.

Code of Conduct for Players:

  • Always follow the rules and expectations
  • Treat all players with respect; don’t bully, ridicule or criticize other players’ mistakes
  • Appreciate good play in both your team and the opposing team
  • Value all team members regardless of the gender, cultural background and abilities
  • Control your emotions and avoid negative comments towards yourself or others
  • Listen to your coaches; cooperate with both your coaches and referees
  • Recognize that your team performance depends on you; be there for practices and give our 100%.
  • Enjoy the beauty of soccer and have fun

Code of Conduct for Parents:

  • Understand that your attitude influences players and the coaches; never ridicule your child or shout/yell at them for making mistakes, or losing a game
  • Show positive behavior, encourage and value the effort of your child
  • Avoid frustration or negative comments at all times
  • Make an effort to understand soccer rules and appreciate the standards that NFA is committed to achieve
  • Respect every player regardless of their skill level, cultural/religious background or gender
  • Be committed to practice and development times; notify the coach or manager if you need to miss a practice ahead of time