David Pilgrim (President/Technical Director)
Degree Completed: Professional Soccer Coach
(Argentine Soccer Coaches Association)
Canada Soccer B Licence Part 1 Certificate (Canada Soccer)

Born:              Barbados
Residence:   Canada
Age:                51
Status:            Married
Children:       3

Being a player in my youth has given me a great perspective in the development of the next generation of soccer athletes.  I have been working with children, youth and adults for the past 20 years to help them achieve their athletic goals. My commitment, passion, and dedication positively impact my soccer athletes.

My focus is to provide a world-class soccer program in a safe, positive and challenging environment where athletes achieve their personal best. My extensive experience in soccer has heightened my ability to deliver a comprehensive program; one that is based on in-depth research of best practices and scientific principles.  This has resulted in successful, world-class athleticism.

Developing young athletes requires patience, calmness and a positive attitude towards long-term goals. One of our main goals as an academy is to create an environment which is focused on achieving results through consistent, holistic, interrelated and progressive skill development. My philosophy as a trainer is to eliminate frustration from our learning environment. I believe frustration, both in coaches and in players, leads to ineffectiveness. It is this belief that guides my professional approach to player development.

I believe in repetitive, consistent, accurate skills training to an extent where mastery is achieved through focus, effort and continuous encouragement. We only proceed to the next level once we have achieved optimal expertise at a given stage.  A key component of my philosophy is the belief that young players need to be trained as athletes along with technical soccer training. By this I mean core strength training, conditioning, physical fitness and agility. We also recognize that education and higher level thinking are extremely vital to develop a rounded player. My program emphasizes high performance both in sports and academics. We aim to grow talented young athletes who are strategic thinkers, problem solvers, and creative both on the field and in their personal lives.

I want our players and members to realize that patience and continuous practice is vital for ultimate success. Growing high level elite athletes is an evolutionary process, and we believe in taking these young people through progressive stages, which will lead them toward being high performance soccer players.

About My Soccer Coaching Certifications:

National Level Coaching Certification. Pro A Coaching Degree (ATFA-Argentina Soccer Coaches Association)

  • The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Member:  # 4869235
    • Child, Youth and Senior Level Certificates
    • OSA Respect in Soccer Coaching Certificate
  • Coaching Association of Canada – National Coaching Certification Program: # CC1185800
  • International Coaches Soccer  Seminar Certificate 2013 and 2014
  • CPR Certified 2012-2014

About My Coaching Degree:

Pro A Coaching Degree (ATFA-Argentina Soccer Coaches Association)
Professional Football Coach Degree
Length: 2 years.

Study Program

Completed: 1st Year – Child-Youth Level
Courses: Biology  – Physical Preparation & Training I – Psychology I – Technique & Coaching I – Pedagogy & Didactics  – Tactics & Strategy I – Soccer Language I – Laws & Refereeing  – Managing & Leading Teams

Completed: 2nd Year – Professional Level 
Courses: Sports Medicine – Physical Preparation & training II – Psychology II – Technique & Coaching II – Tactics and Strategy II – The History of Soccer – Tactics & Strategy II – Soccer  Language II – On-Site Final Exam