Program Overview

NFA has developed a long term player development program which focuses on a clearly designed pathway. This program aims at mastering each level of development from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

Skills Training

NFA’s program will focus on soccer skills, ball mastery, fitness, and knowledge of the game at an age appropriate level.  The skills that they will be developing in the program are juggling, soccer kicks, turning/changing direction, throw in’s, passing, heading, change of direction and feints.

Key Program Features 

NFA’s program is designed to provide the opportunity for athletes at an early age, who truly love the game of soccer, to be taught the proper technical and tactical skills needed for high performance play.

All players will be assessed for their overall skill and knowledge of soccer.  Everyone will start at the beginner level to ensure they are using effective technical skills. The athletes will first master all beginner skills to move on to intermediate and advanced levels.

Main Program Offerings:

  • Designed to track each individual athletes’ progress.
  • Parents will be given written reports of their childs’ progress.
  • All athletes will be given a working training manual to track their progress as they master each soccer skill.
  • On-going assessment and feedback

NFA will also provide the opportunity for athletes to attend schools with High Performance Programs. These programs allow athletes to attend school in the morning and train in the afternoon/evening. The modified school day allows the athletes to strive for both academic and athletic excellence in a supportive, flexible, alternative learning environment.

Newstars Futbol  Academy believes in providing an environment for athletes to obtain athletic and academic success.