Working hard outside of regular practice time is vital. NewStars Futbol Academy’s Private Training sessions are designed to help you set goals and achieve personal results. While working with a professional coach in a one-on-one or small-group training session, we can identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses to build personalized curriculums.

During an average team practice, coaches are realistically only able to give 2-5 minutes of individual attention to each of their players. Our Private Training sessions last one hour. With increased time, we are able to concentrate on individual needs – correcting technical imperfections, refining what the player does well and identifying areas for improvement.

If you’re looking to develop or refine a specific skill set, and need increased individual attention to attain your goals, an individual session is recommended. Working in pairs or small groups also provides highly effective and cost-efficient training. All players will focus on the same theme, receiving equal attention.

To schedule an appointment contact:
Head Coach: David Pilgrim – Email: